Which Porn Categories Do American Men Love To Watch?

That depends on who you ask. There’s a lot of surveys and statistics gathered out there, and they all point in different directions. The official record from the Journal of Sex Research lays it out in a tidy list of five terms:

  • Amateur
  • Big breasts
  • Anal
  • Oral sex
  • Threesomes

While noting the women overlap on oral sex and threesomes for the kinds of porn they search most. So get a threesome with plenty of tongue, you’ll have happy couples watching together!

Now the above list might inspire skepticism, because seriously who needs to search for any of the above? You could roll all five terms into one sentence and have the title of a lot of videos out there. Of course there will be boobs, you get boobs with any other item on the menu. And “amateur porn” is simply today’s new branding for “studio porn but with realism.” What’s more distinguishing are the outliers, niche interests with a big enough cult following to show up on the radar.

PornHub themselves keep USA statistics on a state-by-state basis. The most popular search terms according to them are:

  • Lesbian
  • MILF
  • Hentai
  • Asian
  • Ebony

One is a cartoon – why is it people make a big deal about Eskimos having 90 words for “snow” when the Japanese have 999 words for “cartoons of naked women”? Of the remaining two, “lesbian” is ambiguous, meaning either “real lesbians” or simple “I don’t want to look at dudes.” MILF is such a watered-down term that it can mean anything, though MILFs originally suggested mature women. Now, that is no longer the case. In fact, mature porn is its own category.

It’s when PornHub breaks down the states by the most popular term relative to each other state that it gets really telling. Here are a few fun ones that get at least one state interested:

  • Cheerleader – Idaho and New Mexico – must be the uniforms?
  • Giantess – Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Virginia, and several more in clam chowder country.
  • Black girl White guy – Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, and the rest of the Bible belt – somebody misses ole Dixie!
  • Furry – Wyoming – and nowhere else! That is one lonely state.
  • Creampie – Utah, Montana, Nebraska, Missouri, Ohio, and several more.

There are a couple more items of interest: rising search trends for 2017 showed, in addition to what we’ve already mentioned, “squirting” and “smoking.” Squirting makes sense because it’s only recently come to public knowledge that women can ejaculate too. “Smoking,” however, is really interesting, because smoking is almost a taboo topic all by itself now. There has always been a niche smoking fetish, but to see it rise in popularity?

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So we can take all of the above and compile it into a more complete picture. You start with the basics, add some quirks, and you can count on serving up what American men love you to dish out!