A little while back – a day everyone will recall – the Internet was torn asunder by the firestorm of controversy over a Gillette razor commercial. In it, they asked “Is this really the best men can be?” as they took on toxic masculinity, and boy was it ever effective. Literal death threats poured into Gillette headquarters over a commercial that said nothing but “Why can’t we all be nicer to each other?” And all of it came from just one generation.

For those of us who are non-Millennials, there is no longer any doubt that the Millennial generation is going to go down in history as a baffling puzzle. On either side of Millennials, generations Z & X both seem so happy and well-adjusted to the world by comparison. Meanwhile, Millennials entered the world in a boiling explosion of irrational rage, and have marked their adulthoods with a series of inventions of new shocking behaviors we had to invent whole new glossaries just to describe. They are now just tagging middle age and yet have already out-Boomered the Baby Boomers in the kind of bitterness typical of senile grouches.

Here’s just a small sampling of what Millennial men have wrought on the world:

  • The Alt-Right – Right up to the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” demonstration, with KKK hoods and swastika banners proudly displayed.
  • “Randroids” – Embracing the hate-mongering teachings of Ayn Rand.
  • Hard conservatism – First George W. Bush, then Ron Paul, and when they didn’t get him they were so mad they voted en mass for Donald Trump.
  • #Gamergate, Red Pill, and the trigger for #MeToo – Women have never been so oppressed by men in American history as they were in the 2000s-2010s, and it’s still getting worse.
  • Science-Denialism – From anti-vaxxers to flat-Earthers to Universe Simulation Theory and too much more to list.
  • Conspiracy theories – Pizzagate, birtherism, 9/11 conspiracies, #Occupy movement, it just goes on forever.

So what happened? It’s pretty clear, and western society learned its lesson. Never again would child psychologists recommend the dreaded “trophy generation” treatment. A whole wave of children were raised sheltered and coddled to a degree never before seen in history, with no morals taught, but reckless prescriptions for ADHD medications handed out to treat what we now know is simply antisocial behavior. You raise a whole generation telling them nothing is ever right or wrong, their ignorance is just as worthy of validation as any other opinion, and cradle them in safe spaces and judgment-free zones, and this is what you get!

Thankfully, Millennials didn’t derail western civilization, which goes to show we can recover from our mistakes. We came close to a full-on disaster there, but the far more level-headed Generation Z has practically saved the world, and they’ve only begun to vote!